GeoBlue Expat U.S. Coverage Options

Recently GeoBlue announced the introduction of their BASIC Upgrade option.  This option was an answer to a problem that has existed for quite a while.  GeoBlue offers three versions of their Xplorer for Expats plan and up til now the only option one had for coverage while visiting the United States was their Flagship plan … Continue reading GeoBlue Expat U.S. Coverage Options

Cigna Global Rate Action for 2018

Based on markets and medical inflation Cigna Global has announced they  will be implementing new pricing on their Cigna Close Care and Cigna Global Health Options (Silver, Gold and Platinum) plans. With effect from 15th September 2018, the new pricing will be automatically be applied to quotes generated from our Cigna Global Quote Tool. For a full … Continue reading Cigna Global Rate Action for 2018

GeoBlue Introduces New BASIC Cover Option

The Problem Moving abroad is full of decisions that need to be made by both the soon to be expatriate and in many cases with consultation of their employer too.  Having proper International medical insurance is just about always part of the moving abroad equation.  But as we all know this comes at a cost … Continue reading GeoBlue Introduces New BASIC Cover Option