The Cigna Global Close Care Plan is new plan design that provides a real pathway to keeping your International health insurance premiums down. This new plan design focuses on the Expat who plans to live outside their home country but have little plans to spend time outside either their home country or the country they are traveling to. The extreme benefit of this type of plan is that you only pay for the coverage where you need it most, in the country you will be living and when you return home for temporary visits.

Out of Area Emergency Coverage

Cigna recognizes that there are times when you will be traveling between your home country and the country of destination. What happens inbetween? Cigna Global’s Close Care Plan provides you with additional peace of mind. When visiting locations outside your area of coverage, your plan includes emergency medical coverage. Beneficiaries will be covered for emergency treatment on an inpatient or daypatient basis, or outpatient basis (if the Outpatient and Wellness Care additional coverage option has been purchased under your policy) during temporary trips, outside your area of coverage. Coverage is limited to a maximum period of twenty one (21) days per trip and a maximum of forty five (45) days per period of cover for all trips combined.

Why is Global Medical Insurance so critical for international travel? First and foremost is access to care. When you need care, emergency or non-emergency services, you need a plan backed by a company which is recognized or verifiable worldwide.  Most countries require either proof of local health insurance or international health insurance coverage.

Also, standards of hospitals and clinics vary greatly from country to country.  While you may find some that offer high quality care, you are also likely to find some that are considered to be “below average” and even in poor condition.  Some hospitals won’t provide any treatment – or allow a patient to be discharged – until the hospital has received a guarantee of payment. This means you’ll have to pay in advance, perhaps as much as tens of thousands of dollars, with your credit card.  In this case, the hospital must accept foreign credit cards, and your card must have a sufficient credit limit.  Or you can take with you an International Health Insurance Plan from a company like Cigna Global.

Remember this…U.S. health insurance and Medicare stops at our border – Don’t put yourself in the position to have to pay for your own international medical bills.  The claims will be denied! And, depending on where you will live abroad an acceptable international plan may be required by the host country. Choosing one of the four comprehensive solutions for health insurance from Cigna Global can help mitigate these very real risk long before ugly scenarios like this can manifest themselves while living abroad.

Conditional Limits

It is important to note that the Cigna Global Close Care acheives a lower rate through plan design. The Cigna Close Care Plan has a Condition Limit of $250,000 USD per beneficiary, per policy period of cover (12 months). This includes all claims paid across all sections of inpatient, daypatient and outpatient treatment in relation to the primary condition. IMPORTANT NOTE: This EXCLUDES any pre-existing conditions.

Why Close Care and not one of the Cigna Metal Plans?

These limited coverage plans can confuse some. The Close Care plan is a product that features a cost savings by limiting coverage to your home country and the one you plan to live in. It DOES NOT provide for Global coverage like the Cigna Global Metal Plans. An example of how this plan is used would be a Canadian Citizen that has a home in Mexico. They travel back and forth mostly to Mexico and thus really do not have need for a global in scope of coverage contract. Or… the student who plans to study in another country and they have little to no plans to travel outside of the two countries. The cost savings is significant and it is also important to understand the scope of coverage you are buying with Close Care Plans.

Cigna Global Guarantees

  • You will have quick and easy access to healthcare facilities and professionals in your area of coverage through our network
  • Cigna will reimburse your treatment provider directly in most cases. On the occasion that you have to pay for treatment yourself, Cigna aim is to process your claim within 5 working days after receiving all necessary documentation
  • You can receive payment in over 135 currencies.

This is how Cigna Global delivers

  • Customer Service Centers: Cigna is available to assist you 24/7 with multi-language assistance and support.
  • Global Health Assist Service: Cigna offers a dedicated Clinical team will help you every step of the way when you require advice, help or guidance with regards to any medical treatment you or any beneficiaries may need to receive.
  • Access to the extensive Cigna medical Network: A medical network comprising of over 1 million partnerships, including 180,700 behavioural health care professionals, and 13,900 facilities and clinics. With Cigna, you can access any medical practitioner, clinic or provider of your choice in most countries, offering you the access to best care and treatment possible.
  • Simple claims process: The Cigna claims process enables you to access treatment without paying upfront in many cases, simply by calling our Customer Care Team first.

Coverage in the U.S.A.

Treatment in the USA is covered under the terms of the policy, if it is covered within your area of coverage. What this means is that at the time of application you have selected to add the U.S. Coverage rating. If prior approval is obtained, but the beneficiary decides to receive treatment at a hospital, medical practitioner or clinic which is not part of the Cigna network, Cigna will reduce any amount which we will pay by 20%. A list of Cigna network hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners is available in your secure online Customer Area or you can contact our Customer Care Team for more information.

Cigna realizes that there may be occasions when it is not reasonably possible for treatment to be provided by a Cigna network hospital, medical practitioner or clinic. In these cases, Cigna will not apply any reduction to the payments they will make. Examples include, but are not limited to.

  • When there is no Cigna network hospital, medical practitioner or clinic within 30 miles/50 kilometres of the benefit beneficiary’s home address; or
  • When the treatment the beneficiary needs is not available from a local Cigna network hospital, medical practitioner or clinic.

Guarantee of payment – In some circumstances, we may give a beneficiary or a hospital, medical practitioner or clinic a guarantee of payment. This means that Cigna agrees in advance to pay some or all of the cost of a particular treatment. Where Cigna has given a guarantee of payment they will pay the beneficiary or hospital, medical practitioner or clinic the agreed amount on receipt of an appropriate request and a copy of the relevant invoice, after the treatment has been provided.

Online Customer Area

As a Cigna customer you have access to a wealth of information wherever you are in the world through your secure online Customer Area. Here you will be able to effectively manage your policy including;

  • View your policy documents, including your Certificate of Insurance and Cigna ID cards for all the people covered under your plan
  • Check the Policy Rules that apply to your policy
  • Check your coverage for you and your family
  • Submit claims online
  • Search for healthcare facilities and professionals near your location
  • View Cigna’s quarterly customer magazine

Close Care Has Options

Like the Cigna Global Metal Plans the Close Care Plan offers some of the very same choices. These features allow you to further tailor the cost of your plan by selecting different benefits such as deductibles, Cost Share and Out of Pocket maximums:

  • Deductible Choices – 7 deductibles to choose from. $0, $375, $750, $1,500, $3,000, $7,500, $10,000
  • Cost Share Percentages – 0%, 10%, 20%, or 30%
  • Out of Pocket Maximums – $2,000 or $5,000

Outpatient and Wellness Care – Outpatient and Wellness Care covers you more comprehensively for outpatient care and medical emergencies that may arise where a hospital admission as a daypatient or inpatient is not required. As well as this, this benefit will cover you for consultations with specialists and medical practitioners, prescribed drugs and dressings, physiotherapy and osteopathic and chiropractic treatments. You will also be covered for pre-cancer screenings, and routine adult physical exams. The annual benefits maximum per beneficiary per covered period is $5,000.

Dental Care and Treatment – Maintain your oral health with the Dental Care and Treatment option. This option covers you for a wide range of preventative, routine and major dental treatments. Annual benefit maximum per beneficiary per period of cover is $750.

Request A Quote

Currently the Close Care plan is not available to quote online. To provide you with a cost illustration we need just a few things from you. Your age, your country of citizenship and the country you plan to live in. All of our quotes will include the optional Dental and Outpatient modules which you can remove from your application. Please click on the button below and complete the quote form and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Or call us at (307) 690-0427 – we are here to help!

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