Cigna Global’s New Wellbeing Mobile App

A Smarter App for a Healthier You

Cigna Global is committed to their members worldwide in that they bring the latest technology to their finger tips with their new Wellbeing Mobile App.  Cigna Global is fully aware how difficult it can be balancing the demands of hectic work schedule and an active personal life which can leave little time for you.  Cigna’s new Wellbeing mobile app is their attempt to assist you in making your life easier while abroad.

The Cigna Globals Wellbeing App Makes it Easier

  • Schedule a same-day consultation by phone or video for non-emergency health issues.
  • Receive personalized advice to improve your health
  • Measure and monitor your health with Cigna Health Assessments
  • Connect with a personal Wellness Coach to help with proper nutrition and smoking cessation
  • Manage chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Find relevant wellness articles and health recipes and more

FREE To All Cigna Global Members – Get It Now

Cigna Wellbeing gives you control over your health information, easy access to doctors and health programs, and opportunities for lifestyle and wellness changes that matter at home, work, or on the go all at the tap of a button.

Cigna Global Wellbeing Mobile App on the App StoreCigna Global Wellbeing Mobile App on Google Play


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